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  • St. Bertinus' church

    St. Bertinus' church

    The deanery church is devoted to St. Bertinus, the abbot of the St. Omer abbey and former liege of Poperinge. The portal is decorated with a statue of St. Bertinus and obituary notices are on...

  • St. Vedast's church

    St. Vedast's church

    The glass-stained windows in this church in Reningelst, partially made of ironstone, tell the story of the murder of priests by the Beggars in 1568.

  • St. Bavo's church

    St. Bavo's church

    In this church of Watou you find the 2 tombs of the first two counts of Watou, Karel van Ydeghem and Maria van Cortewyle and the tomb of the mystic K.L. Grimminck.

  • St. John's church

    St. John's church

    The St. John's Church from the 13th century is built according to the basilica system and is a well-known place of pilgrimage dedicated to Our Lady. She performed a miracle in 1479 which is the...

  • St. Victor's church

    St. Victor's church

    The church and parish of Proven are named after Saint Victor. St. Victor's Church was rebuilt in 1806 after the late Gothic early 17th-century church was struck by fire in 1802. The crossing tower...

  • St Martin's church Roesbrugge

    St Martin's church Roesbrugge

    In this church in Roesbrugge, there is an oak chandelier with a diameter of 1,8m, a height of 3,4m and a weight of 420 kg.

  • The church of Our Lady

    The church of Our Lady

    This is a gothic church built in the 13th century with spire and built in the same style as found on the coast. The rococo choir screen is decorated with musical instruments and the 2 lecterns come...

  • St Martin's church Haringe

    St Martin's church Haringe

    This church in Haringe has romanic roots which can be seen from the round arches, the crossing tower made of ironstone and the crypt that was uncovered during the restoration of 1976. The organ was...

  • Reninghelst Churchyard & Extention

    Reninghelst Churchyard & Extention

    This small cemetery contains a parcel of 2 graves and 1 special memorial for victims from the UK. The cemetery and extension were in use from March till November 1915. The cemetery register...

  • Watou Churchyard

    Watou Churchyard

    Watou was far behind the front during the First World War and served as a "rest sector" where army camps and temporary barracks for Belgian refugees could be found. The relationship between the...