At Goeste, you experience the benefits of craftsmanship and short supply chains. Bart sets out daily in search of the best local produce in Westhoek and Northern France: beers from one of the world’s top beer regions; fine wines from the soft Heuvelland slopes; delicious biscuits, exquisite chocolate, coffee, fruit juices... And savoury-lovers are equally well catered for: local veg, meats, cheeses... something to delight everyone’s heart – and stomach! And, of course, the short supply chains mean better flavour, more socially responsible and more sustainable. As well as the boutique, Goeste also has a brand-new ice cream parlour & café on Grote Markt in Poperinge. Head in to taste the finest that Westhoek has to offer, in tune with each new season. Sip on a delicious Westhoek beer or a fine Heuvelland wine. And, of course, there’s an extensive dessert menu, including homemade ice cream from l’Heritage. Sitting in Goeste, you can even peek into the open ice cream studio! Appetite whetted? See you soon!

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