Talbot House

A home away from home.
Talbot House - an authentic House of people and their stories.

During the dark days of World War I, Poperinge lay just behind the warring front and grew into the beating heart of the British army. Pops in those days was sometimes more like "Petit Paris" or "Little Soho," which is why Padre Tubby Clayton decided to open his own club, Talbot House. Without distinction of rank or station, everyone could find a warm home away from home here. With his typical humor, a beautiful garden and a lively concert hall, Tubby gave them the chance to escape from madness for a while in an oasis of tranquility.

In the attic, in the chapel, visitors sought the courage to return to the front.

Today, as real as then, you can still touch the past there. You are welcomed at the House by the British janitors with a cup of coffee or tea. You can visit the permanent exhibition there, in addition to the temporary exhibition. 
Out and about with children? Discover the different quests there.  

Finally, you can relax in the garden, with or without a tasty Westhoek picnic!

Looking for an extended Talbot House experience? Stay a night in the guesthouse and enjoy your English breakfast in the morning!

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