Talbot House

A home away from home.
Talbot House - an authentic House of people and their stories.

During World War I,  Poperinge belonged to a small part of unoccupied Belgium. The town became the nerve centre for the British sector, away from the commotion of the battles at the front line. In the centre of this busy town, chaplains Neville Talbot and Philip ‘Tubby’ Clayton opened a clubhouse in December 1915. Soldiers  nd nurses of every rank briefly left the war violence behind to enjoy a rare moment of rest and relaxation.

Even today, Talbot House still offers a warm and authentic welcome. The permanent exhibition recalls the memories of Talbot House. And, in the concert hall, the Happy Hoppers have a grand show in store for you.

Out and about with children? Discover the different quests there.  

Finally, you can relax in the garden, with or without a tasty Westhoek picnic!

Looking for an extended Talbot House experience? Stay a night in the guesthouse and enjoy your English breakfast in the morning!

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