Boer zkt Bank

Boer zkt Bank? 
With this project, Poperinge wants to highlight the food production of its farmers. In seasonal videos, more than ten surprising farms talk about their activities, their passion for the craft and their love for the job. Want to bet the farmer will tell you things you didn't already know? 

Cycling routes
Two 40-kilometre cycle loops connect different farms. You can watch the videos via QR code.

Hero bag
But our farmers are also looking for agricultural heroes! Additional tasks were created for the children to become a real agricultural hero. Drop by the Tourism Department and pick up your 'Hero Bag'. Armed with explanations and game materials, you can travel the route and help the farmer along the way. Complete all tasks, collect stamps and collect your 'hero gift'. 

Can it be a bit more? 
Plan your cycling trip in Poperinge and treat yourself to a picnic basket along the way. Our partners Goeste (Poperinge) and de Groenselpoorte (Reningelst) will be happy to provide you with a well-filled picnic full of power food. Booking in advance is necessary.

Leader project

Boer zkt Bank came about with support from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. Europe is investing in its countryside.
With the project, Poperinge wants to highlight the food production of its farmers.

  • Project cost: 62 897.44 --> 31 448.72 euro subsidy (50%)
  • Partners: De Groenselpoorte, L'Heritage, Agricultural Council, Interested Farmers, Rural Guild, Inagro, Provincial Agricultural Chamber West Flanders and CNPV vzw - Plokkersheem.
  • Duration: 01/07/2021 - 30/06/2023
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