Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery rests 94 airmen associated with the British Air Force. It is the largest concentration of airmen in a military cemetery. Flyboys, heroes in the sky but just as often victims of brutal technical

The 'Flyboys' cycle route takes you to striking places connected to this story. The looping cycle route takes you to the former airfields at Abele, Proven, De Lovie and op 't Hooghe. There are stops at Mendinghem Military Cemetery and Nine Elms. And there is a side trip to WW2, as the cycle route also passes by the memorial to pilot Stacey Jones.

At each stop, you can view photos or historical videos or listen to the story of a pilot, an observer, a chaplain or a brother from St Sixtus Abbey. You can download the information at the stops for free in the Heritage app.


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