Feather Down - Farm den Overdraght

A holiday young and old agers will talk about for ages? At ‘den Overdraght you will experience a splendid time on the farm. Discover what glamping is by staying in a luxurious Feather Down accommodation. At ‘den Overdraght, you will be staying at a working farm with some rare breeds of sheep and Jersey dairy cows that are milked by a robot. During your glamping holiday you’ll be part of the farm life. You’ll be shown around on the farm tour and will be able to help feeding the animals. There’s one rule at Feather Down: Nothing is obligated and everything is allowed! Switch off your phone and put your tablet away as time for each other is key during a Feather Down holiday. Nothing will be missed! De accommodations are fully equipped for 6 persons (5 adults and 1 child under 12) You’ll find a double bed, bunkbed and cupboard bed. A dining table , sofa, cool chest, flushing toilet and private warm shower are part of your temporary home. Besides that you’ll also have a complete kitchen area with cold running tap water. You’ll have everything to make your stay complete; from scissors to pots and pans and from cutlery to mugs. You won’t need to bring anything from home! In the accommodation you will generate warmth with the wood-fired stove, which can be found in the centre. Lighting is done with the candles and oil-lamps that create a cosy setting. Feather Down is for everyone who enjoys the cosy setting while camping, but for those who also like that little bit of extra luxury and quality. You’ll have the feeling that you’re camping, but with the luxury of a proper bed, kitchen and shower and toilet. After all, there is always something to do since you’re staying at a working farm!

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