Trio Westhoek

What if... the vast fields in a rolling landscape make you dream away, the vistas take your breath away and war remains remind you in whose footsteps you are walking. Then you are in the Westhoek.

Tourism Ypres, Heuvelland and Poperinge joined forces and show you why they are madly in love with their region. This Triootje Westhoek takes you from Ypres to Heuvelland and via Poperinge back to your starting point in Ypres. Flat stretches go hand in hand with altimeters. Take a deep breath, put on your walking shoes and set off. Be surprised by the beauty of the region!  

Eighty km of signposted hiking fun! Three suggestion stages have been drawn up but of course, the 80 km can also be divided into four sections or more. Or less, who knows.   

More practical information about the route, as well as the accommodation providers who will be happy to offer you a pleasant overnight stay can be found here



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