Warande Walk

Located a stone's throw from the French-Belgian border, Watou is the starting point for a 10 km hike along the artificially drawn border between French Flanders and the Westhoek in 1677.

The border between French Flanders and the Westhoek is popularly known as the schreve. With a bit of luck, you will hear the juicy Vlèmsch spoken during your walk.

If you fancy a trip to France, follow the black-and-yellow signs Warandepad, which will keep you on the right track. You will be briefly introduced to the smuggling past of days gone by. Once across the border, in La douce France, you will come across several typical red water stations. When you cross the Heidebeek, you are back on Belgian soil and explore the arty village of Watou.

The entire walk is on paved roads. The map of the Warande path can be picked up for free at the Tourist Office in Poperinge.

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