Abeele Aerodrome

The Abeele Airfield military cemetery takes its name from the nearby Abeele airfield, but has nothing to do with it. Abeele airfield was established in May 1915 in the fields to the right of Dodemanstraat in Abele. The airfield served as a base for three squadrons of the British Royal Flying Corps and was located quite far from the front. Thanks to the Boeschepeberg and the Catsberg, it was also well hidden. From there, it remained operational for the duration of the war.

The Abeele airfield cemetery was first used by French troops during the German spring offensive in April 1918. They buried 99 French soldiers and four British soldiers in the first flower bed. Between July and September 1918, the second and third flower beds were constructed by British and American units. After the armistice, the remains of the French and American dead were exhumed. Some 20 Britons originally buried in Boeschepe cemetery in France were buried in the first perk. Today, 104 identified British dead lie in the cemetery. Unlike many other military cemeteries in the Poperinge area, Abeele Airfield Military Cemetery was not designed by Sir R. Blomfield, but by G.H. Goldsmith.

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