Lijssenthoek Tours

Guided tour 

Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery is the impressive witness to more than four years of war. From 1915 to 1920 the hamlet of Lijssenthoek housed the largest evacuation hospital in the Ypres Salient.Today the cemetery reflects the "Great War. The guide tells the story of this unique site: hospital life and the (re)construction of the cemetery. 

The nurse tells

This special tour is built around nurses' testimonies. A narrator brings diary excerpts, reads letters and presents obscure doctor's stories. Hospital life as it was: unflinching and relentless, told from the point of view of women, mothers and children.

Bike Ride Flyboys

Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery rests 94 airmen associated with the British Air Force. It is the largest concentration of airmen in a military cemetery. Flyboys, heroes in the sky, but just as often victims of brutal technical failure. A bicycle tour takes you to striking places associated with this story.

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