Beer Experience

So much more than a pint
A friendly waiter serves you the perfect refreshment. A white foamy head kisses your lips before the wonderful hoppy aftertaste delights your palate. The ultimate pleasure. But in Poperinge, that’s not the only way to experience beer.

Every year, there’s a spectacular beer festival where you can flavour dozens of Belgian and international beers. Or maybe you prefer a tasting of lambic and gueuze or oak-aged beers in the Hop Museum? You’ll learn about the brewing process too. Oh, and you can even brew your own beer.

But you can also walk or cycle your way through the city and enjoy the local beers and delicacies you’ll find on your path. And during the “Week van De Smaak” you’ll discover how beer can take your dishes to the next level.

Would you love a look behind the scenes? Let the new visitor experience in the St. Bernardus Brewery surprise you.

You’ll be amazed by everything that refreshing pint has to offer.

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