Hop museum tours

Museum Tour

An expert takes you on a tour of the museum and introduces you to the history, cultivation and picking of hops, past and present. Of course, the Belgian beer culture is also discussed. Smell, feel and taste the Belgian hops! Afterwards, enjoy a regional beer.

Tasting Tour

During the degustation tour the guide goes deeper into a specific aspect of the hop and beer culture. You will be offered two tasting beers and regional snacks linked to the theme.

Hip hop tour

Elementary school students explore the Hop Museum with hands-on assignments during the "Hip Hop Tour. A guide tells anecdotes about how children used to help pick hops. Students also get to work themselves: twist eyelets on climbing wires, determine the teacher's or master's weight with the field balance ... To conclude, there is a quiz to see who is the hop champion.

Dementia-friendly tour

During the picking period (late August and September), the museum offers dementia-friendly tours. The guide responds to participants' reactions that are stimulated through various senses. Afterwards, a hoppy local beer is enjoyed with the tour.

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