Are you hearing it too? The slow approach of hooves on the cobbles. The farm horses are coming, and they are ready to take you along. Get ready to explore Poperinge’s countryside by covered wagon. Enjoy the different stops as you pass along country lanes, hop fields and charming farmhouses.

Ready for this unique ride?

't Wulleminhof

't Wulleminhof offers you a range of possibilities for going out by covered wagon. In the sloping landscape around Poperinge, they will give you an unforgettable trip. On rural roads, they take you past hop fields, picturesque farms and cosy folk pubs.

De Poperingse Keikoppenroute

The Poperinge Keikoppenroute offers both full-day and half-day covered wagon tours. The name "Keikoppenroute" refers to the nickname of the Poperinge people, so called since the Middle Ages because of their great perseverance.

De Schipperkeshoeve

Franky and Melissa, two people with a passion for animals, run the Schipperkeshoeve together, located a stone's throw from Abele and the French border. During their covered wagon rides, you will enjoy Poperinge hospitality in authentic folk pubs.

Huifkarren Au Nouveau Saint-Eloi

Taste the cosiness, rural and authentic atmosphere of Au Nouveau St. Eloi. You will find the nostalgia of a cosy brown pub. There is always something fun to do: an atmospheric family day with the covered wagon or a folk games competition with friends. Everyone is welcome.

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