See how far the horizon reaches. Enjoy the vast countryside, the West-Flemish hills, the refreshing sea or the charming villages just across the border with France. Yes, Poperinge is the ideal location for a short stay in West Flanders.

Listen to the fascinating stories Poperinge has to tell. Stories of entertainment and forgotten soldiers during World War I. But above all, stories of enjoyment and prosperity throughout the rest of history.

Smell and taste the goodies found in this town. The characteristic hop beers are wonderfully refreshing. And what's more, they taste even better when combined with other local products. How about a tasty pâté, hennepot or mazarine cake? 

Feel the magic this West-Flemish town offers you, your family and your friends. Do you prefer a leisurely walk or a competitive bike ride? Or would you rather stick to a beer while trying the folk sports of yesteryear? 

Whether you are a holidaymaker, day tourist, hiker, culture lover or cycling enthusiast, Poperinge will catch your fancy.

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